Wimbledon Park Residents Association

Welcome to Wimbledon Park

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There has been some form of  Residents’ Association in Wimbledon Park since 1906. It provides a forum for discussing important local issues and a platform for action. Since it’s inception, the Residents’ Association has helped hundreds, probably thousands of local residents, irrespective of religion, race or creed who have turned to the committee for guidance and support.

We regularly check local planning applications and have been very successful in opposing unsuitable developments.  We promote planting and improvements in local parks and green areas.  We work with the local police to help you to fight crime in your street and keep you informed by publishing the crime statistics in our newsletter.

We have led the initiative to redevelop Wimbledon Park Hall – so that once again we can have our own community centre. We have put on fairs and shows and supported numerous local campaigns, individuals and families faced with tragedy.

The Residents’ Association has given the Wimbledon Park Community a solid and respected voice when dealing with Merton Council.  An individual can achieve only so much, but as a team we can and do achieve so much more.

This area is growing and improving all the time.  Your Residents’ Association is more active than ever and we are happy to put in time and effort on your behalf.

But we cannot function without funds.  We did extremely well financially from the three Edwardian Fairs we ran in past years but that money has been put aside for the running of the new Hall – now almost ready for use.

We need you to support your local Residents’ Association ideally for 3 years, which is only £12. Twelve pounds for a 3 year period will help us pay for printing and stationery to publish this newsletter, computer and IT software to run the website, materials and equipment to organise events and keep the flowerboxes blooming in Arthur Road. You can download the application form here.